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Review: Qatar Airways Doha City Tour Free of Cost

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Exploring Doha Free of Cost on Transit with Qatar Airways City Tour

Qatar Airways City Tour is organized by Qatar Airways, the 5-star Airline which connects worldwide through Doha, State of Qatar. Qatar Airways Complimentary Doha Tour is indeed a must thing to have if you are flying with Qatar Airways. This will enable you to see Qatar's culture and architecture in between your two flights. Doha is an amazing city with unique skyline and admirable cultural heritage.

Qatar Airways City Tour


How to Book Qatar Airways City Tour?

Qatar Airways City Tour cannot be booked in advance. It's on first come first serve basis when you arrive at Doha's state of Art Hamad International Airport. When we arrived in the airport in Sept 2015, we moved to Doha City Tour Desk in the Transit Lounge (near Lamp Bear) and checked the time for the tour. There are 4 City Tours per day, the timings are mentioned below in this post. The lady on the counter reserved the place for both of us. This reservation is on first come first serve basis and you cannot enroll for the tour if the total space of 33 passengers is occupied. Also the other requirement for availing this complimentary city tour is to travel with Qatar Airways and have a transit of 8 hours or more. So if you are traveling with another airline other than Qatar Airways, then you cannot avail it.

We were joined by 14 more passengers for this 3 hours city tour. Tour Visa for all the passengers was arranged by Qatar Airways free of cost. On this trip visa, you have to stay with the tour and come back to the airport with the tour guide. If you want to explore Doha after the free City Tour, you can apply for the Free Transit Visa online.


Timings of Qatar Airways City Tour

There are four city tours daily. So you must have a transit time falling in time of the tour and have sufficient time to complete the tour. These tours are spread across different times of the day to cater all the possible transit times expect for the late night transit time. The timings are as follows:

Tour 1            8:00 hrs

Tour 2            11:00 hrs

Tour 3            16:00 hrs

Tour 4            20:00 hrs

Registration for these tours closes an hour before the tour start time. So check your arrival time at Doha's Hamad International Airport and the tour time.

Check Qatar Airways Flight Fare and Timing

If you want to Avail Complimentary Qatar Airways City Tour then book your Qatar Airways Ticket with appropriate Transit time that falls within the Complimentary City Tour

Details of Qatar Airways City Tour

The complimentary Qatar Airways City Tour will include 3 hours city tour visa, 3 hours city tour on a bus with a travel guide who speaks English, a bottle of water and pick and drop to the airport. For availing your complimentary city tour, you have to go to Doha City Tour Desk in the transit lobby and get registered. This is on first come first serve basis.

Bus Interior with Tourists from different countries. The guy standing on the right, wearing red shirt is our guide

The bus will stop at 4 places during City trip. These stops are at Museum of Islamic Art, Katara Cultural Village, The Pearl Island and Souq Al Waqif. All of these places are beautiful and have cultural significance.


Stop 1: At Museum of Islamic Art

Museum of Islam Art is filled with centuries old Islamic art. But the entrance is not possible with this 5 minutes stop. So the tour can see the amazing architecture of this museum and the skyline of Doha.

Museum of Islamic Art Doha
Museum of Islamic Art (Stop 1)

Doha's skyline is composed of different style and shapes skyscrapers.

Doha Skyline
View of Doha Skyline from the first stop point on the tour


Stop 2: At Katara Cultural Village

Our second stop was Katara, which is the cultural village located between the West Bay (where Doha's skyscrapers are located) and The Pearl (stop 3). This place is a display of Qatar's heritage. It has an Open Air Amphitheater, a multi-purpose Cinema, a multi-purpose Conference Hall, an Opera House, Souq, Beach, Dining areas, masjid and Pigeon towers.

Katara Cultural Village
Pigeon Towers and Mosque at Katara Cultural Village (Stop 2)


Pigeon towers are made of clay, specially designed to provide shade for the pigeons. These are located in front of Katara Masjid (Mosque). Katara Masjid is a classical work of Persian art and a must visit. Qatar Photography society has an office there. Also there are many other offices.

View of Doha's Skyline from Stop 2
View of Doha's Skyline from Stop 2


Stop 3: At The Pearl Island

This man-made pearl shaped island has marina and luxury shopping and finest dining places in Doha. This shows the modern architecture of the city. Our trip stop was at Porto Arabia Carousel in The Pearl.

The Pearl Island Doha
The Pearl Island, Doha (Stop 3)


Stop 4: At Souq Al Waqif

Souq Al Waqif, located near Museum of Islamic Art and Islamic Cultural Center, is the traditional market of Doha. As we were told, Waqif is an Arabic word that means standing. This market is called standing market as it has stood over a period of time at the same location.

Souq Al Waqif

Souq Al Waqif (Stop 4)

Another view of beautiful Souk Al Waqif
Another view of beautiful Souk Al Waqif

We bought souvenirs for Doha City from this market. You have to bargain the selling price and its up to you how much you can bargain. We got the the souvenirs from this market at a lesser price than other Hamad International Airport.

We bought Doha's Souvenirs from this shop in Souq Al Waqif
Our tour passengers exploring the historic Souq al Waqif
Islamic Cultural Center, seen from Souk Al Waqif


Return to Hamad International Airport

After the final stop at Souq Al Waqif, the journey terminates at the Departure Lounge of Doha's Hamad International Airport.

Continue your onward journey to your final destination after the complimentary city tour and have a safe trip. 

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